Welded Steel Silos

Hamilton’s welded silos are shipped factory constructed and ready to install in one day and use immediately. Because there are no bolts, seams or gaskets, material hang up points are eliminated. The inside of the welded steel silo is epoxy coated to keep your material contamination free. The out side is primed and enamel coated to prevent rusting. Welded aluminum or stainless steel silos require no external painting or internal epoxy coating. The welded silos are guaranteed to be water tight.

Hamilton offers welded silos in a variety of storage capacities from 1120 cubic feet to 6595 cubic feet. Two cone configurations are available. Cone configuration is determined by the type of material to be stored. Silos formed for pellet storage usually have a 45° cone bottom. For powder and hard to flow materials the silo is fitted with a 60° cone. The Hamilton sales team is ready to help you select the size, style and features that will best suit your storage needs.

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