For over five decades we have been helping plastics processors improve productivity.

Since 1965, Hamilton has been a leading supplier of capital equipment to the plastics processing industry. As the trend toward one supplier responsibility developed, Hamilton turned its attention to providing, not only the major processing machinery, but all the auxiliary equipment necessary to obtain the optimum output from processing machinery.

Today we work from a modern manufacturing facility proving a wide section of equipment that efficiently moves and stores raw materials and conveys and conditions them on their way to processing .

We can provide systems for recycling scrap and for finished parts handling. We can supply turnkey plastic processing plants that include everything from your tooling through to finished products.

In spite of our growth, we are structured to handle requirements as simple as one hopper loader, dryer or belt conveyor, to the planning, manufacturing and installation of integrated, microprocessor-controlled bulk and in-plant systems.

We have earned our position as a leading manufacturer and supplier to the plastic industry by concentrating our resources on innovative ways to automate material flow, by servicing our customer promptly and by maintaining large finished units and spare parts inventory.

We have the resources, people and variety of equipment to help our plastics processing customers promptly. You will find the engineering, manufacturing and field service assistance needed to solve your toughest productivity problems economically.

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