Powder Loader Vectra Series

Hamilton Vectra series Powder Loaders are specifically designed to move a wide variety of powders, resins and dusty regrinds with different particle sizes and structure. The Triax Carbonized bag type filters provide a greater air to cloth ratio inside the vacuum chamber of the loader. The pulsed air cleaning cycle purges the filter area after each load cycle with bursts of compressed air, assisted by an accumulator ensuring all powder or granular fines are removed.

Equipped with a smooth-wall interior, and a compact filter chamber, the Vectra powder loader is easy to maintain. Quick release latches and utility connections allows easy no-tools disassembly. 360° independent orientation of the base, center section and lid assembly allows complete installation flexibility. Even the filter bags can be released individually or as a subassembly. Hamilton’s unique, removable filter plate module, means filter changes are faster and cleaner than competitive designs. An oversized compressed air accumulator and special blowback provide, blasts of air through the filter bags at the end of each load cycle to virtually eliminate filter clogging. The quick disconnect lift off lid, simplifies installation and service.

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